Narma is 
Narma Inc. is the first spin-off company of Korea Aerospace Research Institute to commercialize its tilt-rotor UAV technology. Our company aims to commercialize smart drone technology and respond appropriately in case of emergency. All employees of Narma will do their best to grow into the world's leading company beyond Korea.
Narma always thanked customers. We will become a narrative that rewards customers' affection and support by developing new technologies and providing technology that is appropriate for the place and situation.
Narma Inc.
History is 
Tilt-Rotor is 
Tilt-rotor Type Hybrid Drone
VTOL(Multi-copter Drone) & High Speed Flight (Fixed-wing UAV)

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Narma SI is 

 - Developing Daq program based LabVIEW 

 - Using embedded system RT / FPGA etc. 

 - Design hardware 3D 

UAV Aviation

Performance Program 

• Ground test program for UAV/ Attracting Device

  *UAV: Unmanned Air Vehicle 

•Force & Moment, RPM , Analysis driving force

•Program based LabVIEW 

•Constructing user-appropriate UI

UAV Iron-Bird

Test System 

•small-sized UAV Iron-Bird Test System

•Evaluation Tilt-Rotor method performance

•Design/ production fuselage

•Embedded control system

•sensor measurement system based Window

•Multiaxial Loadcell

•Laser Sensor, Angle sensor